Is theatre too expensive?

Producing shows at big theatre-venues for big audiences, with hundreds of props, extravagant sets and many actors, is expensive. Theatre itself? Nope :-)

Is theatre too long?

West End producers spend tons of money on their big productions, so they better make them long, right? But legs hurt! And toilet queues are perpetual during the interval!
Not with us! Theatre is about telling a story, it mustn't last 3 hours, jeez...

Is theatre too "boring" & classic?

There's enough to be or not to be around. No worries, we only produce NEW WRITING, young talents who bring contemporary stories! And the plays fall within different genres, so there's no room for boredom! 

Are theatre timings bad?

"Latecomers won't be allowed in..." Alright! Some people work til late! We can never make it on time... AHA. That's why our shows are at 8pm, not too early and not too late! No need to rush anymore!

And what about dinner?

We know, 7ish doesn't give you time to have dinner before the show, and afterwards everything is closed... UNLESS you are able to have dinner before or after, and at the same venue! And also drinks! And it won't cost you an arm and leg! Yay!

Woof woof!

Our shows are dog-friendly so you can bring your best friend along with you! We have plenty of water and treats :-)


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